Tippets: Reflecting on “A River Runs Through It,” Small Stream Stealth

  • Forty years ago Norman Maclean’s A River Runs Through It was published and forever changed the world of fly fishing. “Fishing had been transformed from a hobby to the inside language of his family’s tragedy,” writes Will Ryan in American Angler. “You don’t have to fly fish to want to join the Macleans on the Big Blackfoot. And if you do fly fish, I imagine you only appreciate more fully the family and friends that wade the water with you.”
  • Success on shallow and skinny waters requires particular attention to careful movements around the water’s edge. In the most recent episode of Trout Tips, Chris Hunt demonstrates why stealth matters when fishing small streams.
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  • Gerald

    Fishing the Blackfoot was a thrill for this Florida guy. Eastern reviewers of Macleans book
    didn’t realize that most flyfisher persons have the cowboy/girl living inside us still. As for Montanans having low foreheads and limited intellect; Where else can you buy a TV and get a free gun. Or, see a license plate which reads “WIN 73”. Or a bumper sticker which reads; “Welcome to Montana. Take a wolf and go home.”

  • Doug Dunkle

    Alittle over a week ago my son, Mike and I were on the Little South Fork of the Poudre River in northeastern Colorado and spent a breezy, mostly sunny afternoon ahead of a incoming snowstorm .We caught and released a mixed bag of brook and brown trout. None of those little wild beautites went over 10 inches. Fantastic skinny water.