Theft of Bill Curtis’s Ashes Becomes a Whodunit

Last fall the ashes of Florida Keys fly-fishing legend Capt. Bill Curtis were recently stolen from a parked pickup truck, sparking a mystery in the style of a Carl Hiaasen novel. Curtis “had no spurned lovers, lifelong enemies, obsessed fans or angry family members, according to friends, family and the police,” and the theft has created ongoing theories from some of Curtis’s closest friends, including fellow angler and author, Tom McGuane. “My theory is that it was a poor fisherman who knew what it was and thought that by sprinkling it on his Wheaties that someday he would be a better angler,” says McGuane. Read “The One That Got Away: Theft of Fishing Guide’s Ashes Becomes a Whodunit” by John Clarke, via The New York Times.

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