Video Hatch: “CONFLUENTUS”

From a summer on remote Alberta streams, Adipose Productions brings back gorgeous footage of a unique place.

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  • grouch

    I am through watching fishing videos that begin with car trips and trendy music. If I see one more beautiful stream followed by the close up of the fish, I’m going to swear off all videos. Come on guys, do something either helpful or creative.

  • Les Bouck

    Not only that, they ruined a classic rock song. If you don’t like the original sound, then keep it out. Be creative (now there’s a concept!) and write your own original piece…

  • Nymphermaniac

    Hit the mute button, enjoy the great scenery and beautiful fish. I don’t understand why it has become the fad to play rock music with a fishing video. Do they wear earbuds so they can hear that crap while they are on a stream? Let us hear the stream and the guys taking to each other, or talking to the fish. I quit watching TU’s show because of that music. Yeah, I know the response, “KMA you old fart.”