The Best Underwater Compact Cameras for 2013

The underwater video and photo site Backscatter has unveiled their unbelievably thorough list of the best underwater compact cameras for 2013.

The list details everything from the GoPro Hero 3, to the newest mirrorless cameras. The authors state that, “As we do every year, Backscatter exhaustively searched and tested dozens of compact cameras to find the best match between portability, price, and the goals of an aspiring underwater photographer. From our own waters of Monterey, to the Caribbean, to the Coral Triangle, and Micronesia, we’ve spent hundreds of hours shooting compact cameras underwater. Here are our picks for 2013.”

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  • Papa

    That’s a great test and evaluation article if you are focused mainly on underwater shooting filming. However, from a fishing viewpoint, I was disappointed to not see a section on what most of us regular fishermen are interested in carrying: a camera that is waterproof in case we drop it or go for a swim, that will also take great shots both above and under the water.