Thomas McGuane Fly Rod & Reel 's "Angler of the Year"

about_mcguane.jpgNick Lyons says of Thomas McGuane in the tribute that accompanies this year’s announcement, “He is Fly Rod & Reel‘s Angler of the Year and my Angler for the Last Hundred Years.” And “it is the uncanny way he has of linking angling to our larger existence, in a thousand memorable instances, that stuns us most.”
Tom, who is one of MidCurrent‘s original editorial board members, turns 70 in December. Happy early Birthday, Tom.

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  • Harry Campbell

    70? SEVENTY?? What happen to the long-haired Florida fishing guide who wrote 92 In The Shade? This is worse than a late night read of the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock!

  • Lory Watkins

    A great pick by Fly Rod & Reel Magazine. His “Some Remarks” at the beginning of his book, “The Longest Silence”, should be requird reading by anyone that picks up a fly rod.