Bourdain On Harrison, Montana, and Food

“In the final seconds of consciousness after I slump to the ground while waiting on line for my fruit cup at Century Village, I’ll look back on the Montana show with no small amount of pride. I will smile and be proud that I had the honor, the privilege, the sheer joy of having Jim Harrison on NO RESERVATIONS. Jim is one of America’s greatest authors, poets, screenwriters–a gourmand of legendary reputation and a personality so big it’s barely contained by the landscape.” That’s Anthony Bourdain in his blog talking about the filming of his recent episode in south-central Montana.
Here’s a YouTube clip of part two of the show, focusing on Harrison, McGuane, “degenerate sportsman” Russell Chatham, and the uniqueness of Livingston. There are wonderful scenes here of Chatham at work. (Watch the rest of the show in five parts by clicking on them in “Related Videos.”)

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  • rollcaster

    great articles, but to not go to Chico’s Hot Spring, for their 4 star restaurant, is a shame.

  • Chrystal Murray

    I’m a huge A. Bourdain fan; really enjoy his show. If you have not caught this episode on the Travel Channel, I suggest you (and others here) do. It’s his best episode of “No Reservations” yet.
    I can only imagine what is must be like to hang out with people like Harrison ahd Chatham in a place like Livingston, MT.
    I can’t afford my wanderlust, but at least I can live vicariously through some quality television.
    Hope all is well with you.