Colorado: Moffitt Angling System Legal

Drawing a distinction between “snagging” and hooking a fish in some part of the mouth, the Colorado Division of Wildlife Management on Tuesday declared the Moffitt Angling System to be legal in that state, perhaps offering a rationale for other states to follow. According to a press release, the state said “the Moffitt System did not constitute snagging under Colorado law because ‘the system appears to comply with the intent of our regulations by requiring the fish to voluntarily strike the fly in order to be hooked.'”

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  • bjp

    Does this mean it’s now considered legal to hang a hook below my strike indicator, so I can catch those frustrating, big browns that always hit my indicator but nothing else?
    I’ve not used the Moffitt System, but it looks to me to be about 1/8 step above pegged beads.