U.K. Fly Shop: "You Might Die If You Fish In North America"

According to the English Fly Fishing Shop, there is a reasonable chance that a fly fishing trip to North America will be your last. Among the possible vectors of certain death: the sun, jellyfish, canyons, bacterium, sea urchins and hunters, not to mention the more typically lethal bears, mountain lions and elk. The authors did forget the notorious gray wolf, which prowls the more famous streams of Yellowstone National Park and has developed a taste for anglers who carelessly dress themselves to resemble small elk. (Look for the link “DANGER – Fly Fishing in America” at the bottom of this page.)

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  • Bob

    According to my view it can be that way any you you go to enjoy fly fishing. Don’t understand why they have to say it that way here in the United States. I think its how you go about doing it. the number one thing is you should know something about the area you going to fish. Then check with the game officers who know the area. And don’t try to wear things that look like the wild animals of that area. Just use your head and check things out with someone who knows the area.

  • Well, for a bunch of folks in tweed jackets and ties who fish in suburban drainage ditches on manicured “estates” where the definition of “wildlife” is an ornamental peacock or two and a Yorkshire Terrier that isn’t on a leash, I can understand why they might think that.

  • Paul

    As an Englishman who has been priveleged to enjoy different types of fishing in the North America it just proves that I must be in heaven each time I’m there ! Back home, I don’t wear tweeds and there are still plenty of wild places to fish, especially away from my base in Southeast England but the UK fishing vacations sold in the US are indeed often the ones Ken Morrow refers to.

  • Michael Wolfson

    While the summary makes the English Fly Fishing Shop warning sound pretty silly, and the DANGER on their web site is a bit over-blown, the article is actually reasonable and balanced and the suggestions are what one would read in any fly fishing mag in the US.

  • dave mcfluffchucker

    as opposed to this country (UK) were you get abuse on the river from Peta types , hit with bottles and abuse on the local canal from yobs , charged outrageous sums of money for fishing in a muddy puddle for awful looking rainbow trout or paying thousands for a day a days salmon fishing on a rubbish river , even the tackle we buy is a complete rip off , and add to that we get one day of summer per year.
    the sun, jellyfish, canyons, bacterium, sea urchins and hunters, lethal bears, mountain lions and elk
    mmmmmm lets weigh both up , whens the next plane ill see you on the river tommorow

  • Rick

    I read the text on the English Fly Fishing Shop web site and while its a bit alarmist in tone most of it is good advice. Don’t try to out run a bear, wear blaze orange in the back country during hunting season, and so on.
    but if the effect is to scare Englishmen so that they fish somewhere else other than my stream, I’m all for it…got enough dudes on the river as it is!

  • Jeff

    I think that’s a great article and the more people who actually believe that stuff simply creates more room for me on the river banks. Deer, bear, elk a couple of raptors, and two steelhead; what could make for a more memorable day on the water?

  • Quin

    They better not use a car as well, to get to the river, while visitng.
    Quin the Eskimo