Father and Son Team Cause 36,000-Gallon Oil Spill in Wild Trout Stream

Officials are still guessing at the motivation, but some time over the weekend father and son employees of Snyder Brothers Inc. opened the valves on seven crude oil storage tanks and spilled a massive amount of oil into Chappel Fork in Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. “The Forest Service said the spill polluted four miles of Chappel Fork and nearly two miles of Indian Run. The staff began finding dead fish — trout and shiners — as well as reptiles and amphibians yesterday.” Allison M. Heinrichs in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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  • Bud Ciavaglia

    They should take these 2 nitwits, fill a 55 gallon drum with crude oil, hold both there heads in the crude oil so they both could have the same feeling the fish and wildlife in and around these streams experienced.

  • Bill

    Two total nutcases. I hope father and son both enjoy a large fine and some jail time.

  • dave


  • Steve

    Put them in jail and make them drink the water from the rivers they poluted while they’re in there!

  • Rick Nisbett

    Make them pay for the total clean-up right down to the penny and then fine them and then throw them in jail for 10yrs because thats what it will take for total recovery of the system affected or just shoot them ( no mercy )

  • B. Lynn

    If you would like to voice your personal feeling directly to Snyder Brothers Inc., they can be reached at:
    Office Phone: 724.548.8101
    Office Fax: 724.545.2989

  • Steven Tiede

    This is what happens when you have right wing talk show fanatics constantly condemning anyone that cares about the outdoors and protecting it. Steven Tiede Bishop, Ca.