Fishing Hats: Real Men Wear a "Canvas Shampoo"

That’s what I call a baseball cap that serves more as a remedy to bed head than it does as any particular fashion statement. But no doubt headwear gets as much scrutiny from fly fishers as does any other gear item. Despite that fact, anglers continue to wear what is fashionable more often than they wear what is practical, especially if there is a video camera pointed in their direction. Steve Hickoff explores the subject on “That I’ve never bonefished the Bahamas on outdoor television while barefoot and wearing the latest fly-fishing fashion, including a smart-looking bandana around my neck like Mr. Lewis, and with a knowing whispering guide nearby, is a true indicator of my lack of angling style.”

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  • wayne hadley

    If you ain’t got a Buff, you should either just stay home or go worm fishing for bullheads.