MidCurrent Interviews Guy de la Valdene

GUY DE LA VALDENE is a mystery to most fly fishers. If his name is known widely, it is because he hung out with Thomas McGuane, Jim Harrison, Richard Brautigan, Russell Chatham and Jimmy Buffet in Key West in the late sixties and early seventies. He is also, of course, an author of two books on game birds and a novel, and the co-producer of “Tarpon,” the cult classic that was finally released on DVD this summer. But de la Valdene is, by almost all accounts, a recluse. In fact, when we finished our four-hour interview with him, he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever talked this much.”
Our conversation transported us back to the post-war “boom” in destination fly fishing, the era of the pioneering Florida Keys guides, Parisian film studios, and to the days when de la Valdene and his friends enjoyed a heady mixture of talent, freedom and experimentation that blurred the lines between fishing and life.

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  • Ron Winn

    What a great article, I really enjoyed it.
    I met you quite a few years back at a guides rendevous put on by Orvis and Frankie Catino. I did a portion on the business of guiding, lots of dull boring tax law stuff. I read your things daily and this was my favorite. Excellent!

  • bob

    As we might have said then: Wow, just wow. Thanks for doing the interview and for the lead to the “Tarpon” tape. Film. DVD…

  • derelict

    With all the mention of the characters in this great film, how come nobody ever mentions Vaughn Cochran, who happens to be in a couple of scenes?