What Would Zane Grey Have Said?

Place this one firmly in the category of history’s ironies: Zane Grey, who became so passionate about the Oregon’s upper Rogue River that he bought a mining claim there, may see his property added to the National Register of Historic Places. That would probably strike the famous angler-author as quite a twist of fate. Why? Grey bought the mining claim as a last resort, since all the land around the river was owned by the federal government in 1926. The Trust for Public Land bought the land from the Haas family, who owned it, and then sold to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. That’s the same BLM who is fighting conservationists all over the U.S. west for more drilling access in unspoiled wilderness. Hmmm….

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  • Dan Sedergren

    I am sure that the residents of the state of Oregon would be pleased to learn that the Rogue River has been moved from their state to California.

  • Marshall Cutchin

    Oops. Thanks for catching that Dan.