New Tom Rosenbauer Podcast on Reading Streams

“Trout are a lot more interesting than bugs.” That’s the launching point for Rosenbauer’s excellent new podcast on reading trout water on the Orvis Web site. Rosenbauer has, of course, written extensively on the subject, but hearing him explain stream dynamics really brings the subject to life. Not to mention the fact that, if you prefer, you can download the the audio and listen to it on your iPod.
Here’s a sample from the new podcast: “People have found that trout prefer to lie in water that’s moving at about one foot per second. That’s comfortable for them — they’re able to maintain their position — and they won’t exhaust themselves. And then they like to feed in water that’s a little bit faster, because obviously the faster the water the more food that goes by their mouth. You may wonder Well, how do I find out how fast the water is moving? One of the ways you can do this is to put a yardstick down on the table and move your finger and count one thousand and one, one thousand and two, etc. and see how fast your finger moves when it travels one foot per second.”

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  • Interesting .. “In general trout like to feed and lay in water that is moving about 1 ft. per second” … and how to use yard stick/counting to get a general idea of what 1 ft. per second is …

  • austin

    Wow! That is some great info that I had never thought about before. Next time I go fishing, I think I will focus more on what “the trout needs” that were discussed such as shade, water flows, etc…thanks for the great info!

  • Very cool info. One foot/second that makes perfect sense. No need to expend energy and probably fast enough that they are sheltered from predators. I dig it.