Three U.S. Guides Deported from Chile

The Free Argentine Waters blog reported today that three US citizens were deported from Chile after being caught guiding professionally under tourist visas, which of course don’t allow someone to work in the country.

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  • Eduardo Ferraro

    Months ago back I commented in a forum of fishing on the stupidity, the brutality and the indiscretion of these American guides in Chile, observed in the videos in The behavior of these “false guides” escapes of all the characteristics of our South American guides, in respect, education, professional knowledge and humility. Let us hope that who works in that sector not they imitate them. We would have to see if the “foreign guides” who work in Argentina are with regular visas and passports, also to observe and to control to that that “contract them”, that as we know, is the most Lodges and “estancias” that work with the foreign tourism. The action of Intendance of Coyhaique is really an example. Eduardo Ferraro

  • Back in mid-January I fished the Coyhaique area for 7 days on my own. I was amazed to find that a majority of the lodges were American owned and that most of the guides were Americans. On one stream, the Rio Pedrogosa, I meet a young American guide who was taking two clients out for the day. When I asked him about the river he told me he didn’t know anything about it. He had never been on the river before. Now granted it is hard not to catch fish in the area around Coyhaique but as the owner of a guide service I find it ethically appalling that at $500 plus a day you would send clients out with a guide who has never fished the river he is working on.