What's Next? Rock Snot Farming?

A Montana State University scientist who gave up on researching turning algae into biodiesel in the 1980s suddenly finds himself deluged with requests for assistance, and the idea that didymo might actually become useful seems not so far-fetched. “Soybeans produce about 50 gallons of oil per acre per year, and canola produces about 130, he said. Algae, however, produces about 4,000 gallons per acre a year, and he predicted it will go far beyond that. He said algae requires only sunshine and non-drinkable water to grow.” On Physorg.com.

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  • 1/21
    What a great use for rock snot. Wouldn’t it be great if we could produce 25% or more of our oil needs from this slimy algae. One thing for sure, we have more dirty water than the Saudis, Iraq and Iran to grow the stuff.