Grayling: "But There Are Millions In Canada!"

Justin Ringsak, a Butte, Montana native, talks about why having fluvial grayling in Montana is important and what we give up when we accept “globalizing” species protection. “The bottom line is this: I’m glad that fluvial grayling are doing great in Canada. But they are a part of Montana, and I don’t want to see Montana delimbed willy-nilly because of the actions of ‘civilization’, especially not because one politico middle manager with a bad attitude decided to turn 10 years of sound science on its head.” In New West.

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  • Harps

    It’s sad, but Grayling aren’t doing great in Canada.
    They are under large pressures from resource exploration (road crossings), and industry activities. If you fish Canada’s north and fly over, you’d see what I mean.
    Out of site, out of mind.
    Grayling matter!!