Maryland's Gunpowder River

With their proximity to the Washington-Baltimore corridor, the tailwaters of the Gunpowder provide a the closest thing to a fantasy that trout fishing politicos and executives can find. They are home water for Washington Post columnist Angus Phillips. “Twenty-five years ago, it was just another mid-Atlantic gully connecting the bottom of Prettyboy Reservoir with the top of Loch Raven Reservoir, Baltimore’s main freshwater supply. In 1986, local trout fanciers came up with the idea of regulating the flow out of Prettyboy to encourage trout survival.”

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  • Aaron

    Hey, back off there DC politico Phillips. That ‘gully’ was a pretty good bass fishery, and a rather quiet one, too. Now, on the popular days, you’re as likely to see as many anglers on the water as fish in the stream.

  • nick

    Is it wise to publicise a river in a newspaper let alone a website? I can imagine now you’ll be more likely to catch another fisherman with your perfect cast than the wild browns.
    A small river this close to DC/Baltimore needs a little more protection and discretion
    To tell or not to tell? That be the question!