BBC Fishing Shows: "The Accidental Angler"

David Belcher reviews the BBC’s new fly fishing series “The Accidental Angler,” starring Charles Rangeley-Wilson, and likens it to tepid soup, though clearly the producers had something different in mind. “Knowing this, you can see what the Beeb bosses were thinking: ‘An informed show for anglers — of whom there are millions — which also has something for those multi-millions of non-anglers who like looking at foreign scenery while someone comments on it in a wryly-amusing fashion! Michael Palin meets Thomas McGuane — it’s a ratings winner.'” In the U.K.’s The Herald.
Meanwhile a passage from Charles Rangeley-Wilson himself appears in the U.K.’s The Independent: “I was lucky enough to get commissions that took me, like Farson, to some far-flung corners. Those 10 years have taken me to every continent — except the polar ones — on the trail of all sorts of weird and wonderful fish, in awe-inspiring landscapes.”

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  • George Miles

    I’ve never tried tepid soup, but I’ve seen the accidental angler programme. What an excellent production with good scenery and good fishing. Well done the Beeb and Charles Rangeley-Wilson. Lets have more of this

  • mario reho

    fab program well done beeb yet another mile stone taking fishing to another level riviting stuff,love to know what bit of equipment charles
    was using to pull the fish out with not seen it before would love to know..
    best regards

  • Christopher Bean

    Fabulous Series. But why no tiger fish from the Zambesi or Kariba? That would shake Charles up a bit! Pound for pound the hardest hitting fish in the world.