Underwater World of Trout: Feeding Lies

Producer: The New Fly Fisher

In this study of trout feeding behaviors, we go into the streams and examine the facts and get the real answers. Some you expect, others you won’t believe until you see them yourself. How trout rise offer clues to what they are eating. But have you ever had a chance to observe the difference between a trout taking an emerger, sipping a dun, tilting on a nymph or exploding after a skittering caddis? All include split screen video above the surface and below.

Thanks to a particularly co-operative rainbow trout, all the different rise forms and takes are captured and made clear. These are not staged shots in aquariums but real trout in the streams you and I fish. These are the waters we ply, filmed by an angler who asks the questions we all ponder. After viewing this video you will find answers to many questions, and a whole set of new questions to ask. This is critical information all fishers should understand to progress their knowledge of trout and their environment.

Original filmwork and production by Wendell “Ozzie” Ozefovich.