“Three Runs”

Producer: Fly Fishing Nation

“…[T]here is hope and it lies on Russia’s Kola Peninsula on the Ponoi river which divides the peninsula in two, north and south, and takes the best of both. The Ponoi is probably the world’s most reliable Atlantic salmon river and remains in excellent health right up through the 2017 season. This is the story of three young fly fishers at different stages in their salmon fishing careers, each discovering that all is not lost for the Atlantic salmon and enjoying the three different runs on the Ponoi that can, and are often, caught all in the same day during the autumn season.”

“The fall run Atlantic salmon–that’s why everybody comes here. Russia is a very wild place.  You can see the raw scenery here, it’s very untouched by men. I think the Ponoi is a very special river because at the moment it’s one of the very few rivers that we have where there is a healthy population of natural salmon.”