“Keep Hangin’ On”

Producer: Jensen Fly Fishing

When things turned to custard early this year we made the decision to hold back on content that may have come across as egocentric, showy or boastful. We’ve always tried to make our content engaging, educational, or of value greater than ‘just another fish’ on social media. Yes the rub is that no matter how much we strive for this there is always an element of ‘look at me!’ and an element of ego. Our calling here is beyond posting photos or videos of our biggest fish – those simply never get shared. We believe in the first rule of publication as instilled in us by Dave’s mentor: ‘Never posture your audience with your ego’.

There’s been a blessing in 2020. TIME. No amount of money can provide for time in life, and what we have been given this year was opportunity in open-ended time – we simply had to find its purpose for us. The other blessing of the available TIME is that we finally get a chance to edit full version videos and finally tap into the hard drive hoarding we’ve been doing far too much of. Look for this winter to be rather epic at times as footage like this finally gets edited and shared.

Like many, we lost much of our 2020 income in a 10 day stretch of cancellations back in late March. And like most of us, we have little clue as to what our future really holds. Life is always uncertain, evolving, changing – and always in ways and timing you can never predict. We don’t know if our forward vision will connect. But we see a need and have a strong forward vision. Here’s to once again embracing that, moving with it, and giving the try of life another kick. What else does any one of us have but our own try in life, our own tenacity and ‘take it on’ the best we can? All you can do is get up out of the dirt and get your feet under you… and find the hope beyond the hurricane of anxiety.

Today we turn a corner and commit to moving forward once again in how and what we share. We hope that what we share in the coming 6 months connects with you and provides value in some way. It’s still just fly fishing… so let’s also have some fun. Let’s start with that… fun. We’re back in the saddle with an appropriately titled 2020 video “KEEP HANGIN’ ON”.