Kathryn Maroun: “Stan and Me”

Producer: Kathryn Maroun

Kathryn Maroun

'What A Catch' star and director Kathryn Maroun

MidCurrent publisher Marshall Cutchin interviews Kathryn Maroun, director, casting instructor, and star of “What a Catch,” about her new film “Stan and Me.”

Excerpt: “He was a very complicated man, to say the least. So the people in Nashua, New Hampshire wouldn’t have known that he was a world-renowned craftsman.”


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Although they were a half-century apart in age and came from vastly different backgrounds, Kathryn and Stanley became friends the first time they went out on the river together. Their shared passion for Atlantic salmon fishing sustained an unlikely friendship which lasted, despite some rocky moments, until Stanley’s death in 2011 at the age of 92.