How to Tie a Parachute Adams Size 22

Producer: Tim Flagler

“A size 22 Parachute Adams strikes fear in the hearts of fly tiers, both novice and advanced but fear not, with a few little tricks and a good bit of practice, you’ll be tying them with confidence in no time.

For a hook, I’m especially fond of a Dai-Riki #320 in yes, size 22. I really like the look of the uniform gap. Start by getting the hook firmly secured in the jaws of your tying vise. Midge jaws work great if you have them.

For thread, it’s hard to beat something like Veevus 16/0. It’s strong, grippy and has a ridiculously small diameter. Get your thread started on the hook shank leaving an eye length space behind the eye, then take a few wraps rearward before snipping off the tag….

I especially like this posting and wrapping technique because it leaves a very clean, good looking underside to the fly and a hook eye that’s clear and easily accessible. See? Nothing to be scared of!”