How to Tie a Cinder Worm

Producer: Tim Flagler

Matt Grobert ties a Cinder Worm on a size 6 Mustad 34007 hook. Says videographer Tim Flagler, “If you are ever lucky enough to be on the water during a cinder worm hatch, with striped bass inhaling them from the surface film, Matt Grobert’s Cinder Worm is one pattern you don’t want to be without. It’s a remarkably realistic pattern, with quite a bit of wiggle. It also floats well because of the deer-hair head. You’ll definitely know when you get a take.”

The “cinder worm” is actually a segment of the worm species Nereis limbata which breaks off and rises to the surface during the annual spawn. It is, like its “cousin” the Palolo worm in tropical waters, typically 1-3 inches long and light pink or red in color with an olive head. Colors may vary greatly, though, depending on location.