Bass/Saltwater Fly Tying Legend Jimmy Nix Tying the Basic Bass Fly

Producer: Jack Dennis Fly Fishing

Jack Dennis: “In 1988 I had the unique opportunity of working with bass and saltwater legendary Jimmy Nix on video fly tying for bass and fly tying for saltwater VHS tapes. Back then, there was virtually nothing in the video to highlight the tremendous interest in both bass and saltwater fly tying. It was coming-of-age quite. Frankly, nobody did it better than Jimmy, his fly tying developments with streamer techniques help and inspire all the newer tyers in your basic pattern structure
IJimmy was a dream to work with, and his forward vision help carves the tremendous following that both bass and saltwater have created in our flyfishing world. Jimmy was a pioneer and a champion saltwater fly angler, winning many prestigious awards for catching large tarpon.
It’s amazing after 35 years we still sell this Bass Fly tying DVD. it is available both on Amazon and eBay for only 9.95.”