Photographer Wray Sinclair

Wray Sinclair

Wray Sinclair:  “After coming to the realization that I couldn’t make fly fishing as beautiful as it should be I took the first opportunity that came to move west. That opportunity was college. Upon graduating high school I packed up my Subaru and left Virginia in search of the american landscape, trout that can bend an 8wt and legendary powder days. All through these journeys I find my camera right at my side, documenting this adventure from sunrise to sunset. I traded long drives and April shad run’s for busting brown trout and free flowing rivers. My photography has taken me to famous rivers all over the west and east coasts.

After selling my first image when I was 17 I knew this was something that I wanted to stick with. Currently I am pursuing a bachelors in business at the University of Utah where when not occupied by the books I find a camera in my hands and time on the water.”

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