Photographer Liam Doran

Liam Doran

Liam Doran‘s photography career has taken him through the mountains and deserts of both local and international locations chasing the ephemeral qualities of light. While primarily known as a ski photographer, Liam has, in the last few years, discovered the addictive qualities of fishing for big trout on light lines. “At first it was tough for me to shoot much fishing ’cause all I wanted to do was fish!” A few years later and Liam has been able to put down his rod a bit in order to catch more images. His work covers the spectrum from freelance, assignment, advertising, fine art, stock and everything in between.

Liam lives in Breckenridge, Colorado with his wife Jessica. He is surrounded by gold medal waters, spring creeks and high mountain lakes where he can easily wet a line at a moments notice.

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