Photographer Jason Forest

Jason Forest

For photographer JC Forest, every time his camera is in hand, he believes he has an opportunity to appreciate people and places in a fresh way. When it comes to taking photos of fly fishing, his desire is to connect his audience with the culture and spirit of angling more than in capturing the quantity and size of fish caught. His decision to pursue photography full time came when he reflected on how, like fly fishing, the art has taught him more about empathy, patience, and grace than anything else he’s ever pursued as a career. So, it only made sense to abandon the security vaguely promised by stable employment to indulge his passion to tell stories visually.

As to where JC lives, he resides with his gracious wife in Denver, CO…most the time; however, he’s often chasing down talented anglers and athletes anywhere between Colorado and the Pacific Northwest with the hope of documenting talented people engaging their passion in places they love.

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