Tim Mahaffey

Tim Mahaffey fishes 70 to 80 days a year in south Florida. He is the only angler in history to win all of the major fly fishing invitational tournaments in the Florida Keys — the Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament, the Don Hawley Tarpon Tournament, the Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament, the Keys Spring Fly Bonefish Invitational four times, and the Fall Fly Bonefish Invitational. Tim writes a fly fishing Weblog called “Tournament Tails” on the Maverick Boats Web site.

Author Articles

Targeting Giant Bonefish

ONE OF THE RESULTS of winning big bonefish tournaments is that people are always asking me about the keys to catching giant bonefish. It's easy to understand; big bonefish are so difficult to fool that the frustration can become overwhelming. They are so different in "attitude" from small bonefish that I'd probably suggest you forget what you learned while...