Steve Walburn

Steve Walburn is general manager of the Morris Sporting Group, including Gray’s Sporting Journal, American Angler and Fly Tyer magazines. He is the editor of American Angler, and has previously served as editor of Saltwater Fly Fishing, North Carolina Game & Fish, South Carolina Game & Fish, Virginia Game & Fish, Tennessee Sportsman, and Wildlife Journal. His feature writing has appeared in many other national and regional publications, including Men’s Journal, Travel & Leisure, Montana Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, and Indianapolis Monthly.

Author Articles

Borski in the Backcountry

THERE ARE CHEATERS in the no-motor zone today, and Tim Borski doesn't want to hear their excuses. It's too damn hot — 90 degrees on an August morning — and he has just spent two sweat-soaked hours getting us to the tarpon. Starting in Islamorada, we had already blasted 30 miles across Florida Bay with a canoe balanced atop Borski's skiff, flying out...

Tarpon: "Three Days in Key West"

FISHING GUIDES are fond of sayings, and here is one of their harsher assessments: "The angler is just a weak link between the guide and the fish." On a splendid May morning south of Key West, I am about to test the tensile strength of that maxim, tightly drawn, as it is, along the imaginary line between my guide and about seventy-five tarpon fresh in from...