Rene Harrop

René Harrop is also author of the book Trout Hunter (978-0-87108-922-9) and has contributed to Fly Fisherman magazine. A fly-tying legend especially known for his pattern designs with CDC, Rene has run his own fly-tying shop, the House of Harrop, from his home on the banks of Idaho’s Henry’s Fork since 1968. A true family business, House of Harrop also employs his wife, Bonnie, and children, Leslie and Shayne.

Author Articles

Fishing the Clock

“FISHING THE CLOCK” is a descriptive term for the ability to present the fly from any angle to a fish in moving water. Attaining this level of competence depends on mastering a variety of casting techniques that will allow you to effectively counter the host of obstacles that often present themselves. Of equal value is learning to determine the best...