Reed Curry

Reed Curry has been partaking of the pleasures of fishing for trout for half a century. However, an innate ineptitude has freed him from the burden of actually catching trout; hence his pseudonym: Overmywaders ( As he was writing his book on ultraviolet vision in trout, Reed wandered into patenting the first ultraviolet camouflage for the military ( and developing UV bandpass filters for photographers (; all of which has greatly reduced his opportunities to feel the thrill of water over-topping his waders.

Author Articles

Not Vision, Perception

Any trout fisherman, especially those who fish with dry flies, will tell you that trout possess acute vision. Scientists will agree. How is it then that a large brown trout will see this – And accept it as this? (Images from Streamside Guide to Naturals and Their Imitations by Art Flick) The answer lies not with the trout’s vision, but with his...