Nick Curcione

In addition to his former 35-year career as a university professor, Dr. Nick Curcione is an internationally recognized outdoor writer, instructor, lecturer and tackle consultant with more than 40 years of angling experience. Though extremely well versed in all phases of the sport, Nick is especially noted for his casting expertise and instructional clinics. He is one of the country’s leading authorities on sinking lines and shooting heads, and his knowledge of knots and rigging are held in high regard.

Author Articles

Saltwater: Line Management Devices

Fishing off Rhode Island some years back, I lost a rare opportunity with a bluefin tuna because I was inadvertently standing on a section of line when the fish took my fly. I was striper fishing with my friend and accomplished Connecticut fly fisher Larry Merly. I spotted tuna breaking the surface a few hundred yards from where we were drifting, and Larry...