Lefty Kreh

Lefty Kreh is the author of a number of books on fly fishing and photograph, includingFishing Knots and Fly Fishing in Saltwater. He has been given the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the American Sportfishing Association, has been honored with the “Lifetime Contribution Award” by the North American Fly Tackle Trade Association, and is in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

Author Articles

The Slack-Leader Cast

TO MAKE A GOOD slack-leader cast, I don't advocate casting with high line speed and stopping the rod sharply to create a shock in order to put slack in the leader. When you shock the rod, it's often hard to tell where the fly is going to go, and you are actually pulling some of the curves out of your line. I prefer to make a controlled soft cast with no...

Maine River Smallmouths

MAYBE I LIKE FISHING for smallmouth bass them better than any freshwater species because it was the first fish I caught on a fly rod. It also might be that I prefer fly fishing in moving water or that smallmouths take surface and sub-surface flies and fight like hell. I enjoy catching all fish from bluegills to major saltwater trophies. But if I had one...