Jess McGlothlin

Jess McGlothlin has always had an affinity for the outdoors and travel. Growing up in various locations across the United States and playing in the wide-open spaces of the West, Jessica calls Montana home. Current clients include Patagonia, Costa Sunglasses, Orvis, YETI, Hatch, and a host of other outdoor and fly-fishing companies. On the editorial side, you can see her work in The New York Times, Outside, The Fly Fish Journal, FlyLife (Australia), Fieldsports (UK), and a host of other publications and websites around the world. You can see more of her photography at jessmcglothlinmedia.com.

Author Articles

Travel Basics: Breaking Down the First Aid Kit, Part 2

In my last post we delved into the importance of a first-aid kit for traveling adventurers, photographers and anglers. Even if you’re not traveling to remote corners of the world, itpays to have the equipment you need close at hand. Sometimes the worst injuries can happen hiking your home trail or fishing familiar rivers with friends. Part 1 of this...

Travel Basics: Breaking Down the First Aid Kit, Part 1

One of the most important pieces of “kit” for any traveler is the first aid kit —and it’s especially crucial if you are traveling in undeveloped countries, remote destinations or away from metropolitan areas. The smallest scrape, cut or ache can spiral into an infection (or worse!) remarkably quickly, and it pays to be able to take care of yourself...