Dick Talleur

Dick Talleur was the author of many books about fly tying, including Inside Fly Tying (Stackpole Books, August 2004, 92 pages), Modern Fly-Tying Materials (The Lyons Press, 1995, 260 pages), and The Versatile Fly Tyer (The Lyons Press, 1990, 364 pages).  He passed away in February 2011.

Author Articles

Whip Finishing: "Whip Me!"

HOW TO MAKE a whip-finish was one of the first things I learned as a fledgling fly tier. Howard LeMasurier, my first and blessedly patient instructor, taught me the two-handed method without resorting to using a whip-finishing tool. It served me well for years, but I was always a gadgeteer and eventually bought a Thompson whip-finishing tool. I never became...