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Tippets: Hiking With Bears, Household Tying Tools, America’s Most Endangered Rivers, Restore Kilpatrick Pond

“Bears are icons of wilderness. If you’re lucky, you’ve seen one in the wild, from a distance.” Here is a list of the top famous bears that you might—or might not—enjoy hiking with, according to Adventure Journal. Remember this list … more

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Trout’s Ear Bones Reveal Their Life Travels

Montana researchers recently published a study finding that a trout’s ear bone contains a record of migration. The otolith bone is found in all fish and for decades researchers have counted the rings in the bone to determine a fishes … more

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Video Hatch: “Imago Amphibian Light Boot”

Imago Fly Fishing claims to be “The Brand of a Generation.” I’m part of that generation, and while this video is pretty cool, the biggest factor is if they can hold together through at least two seasons. And not everyone …

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Tippets: Buy Michigan Mineral Lease Rights, Washington Fly Fishing Fair, Ghillies Fly Shop Closes, South Twin Lake

Every spring and fall the Michigan Department of Natural Resources gives the public a chance to own a state-owned gas and oil lease right. Get your checkbook out for the May 8th lease rights auction. If you find yourself in … more

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Tippets: Grasshopper Forecast, LumaLux Line, Yellowstone Opening, Hospodar Gets Bent

Grasshoppers are concern for more than just the angler, so the USDA has released the 2012 Rangeland Grasshopper Hazard. Ben, at Arizona Wanderings, encourages you to stock up on foam bugs. A few years back a guide on Michigan’s Au … more

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