Artist James Roszel

James Roszel

Since the age of four, Jim Roszel spent summers at his grandparent’s cottage on Harsens Island fishing the North Channel of the St. Clair River. Catching many perch, rock bass, smallmouth and the occasional walleye from their dock, he loved fishing immediately. Jim’s artistic talent showed at an early age. He was encouraged to develop his skills through the study of Art at Michigan State University. After college Jim moved to Boston to paint and learn art conservation. After a number of years of apprenticeship, Jim opened The Oil Painting Conservation Studio commissioning projects for Boston College, Brown University, Cohasset Historical Society, Whistler Museum, Groton Historical Society, Town of Norwood, prominent galleries in Boston, and art collectors nationwide. Jim benefited from the close-up contact with great artwork by Edwin Lord Weeks, Robert Brackman, Robert Henri, Frederic Church, Joseph DeCamp, Abbott Fuller Graves, Francis Augustus Silvia, Thomas Cole, Earnest Lawson, Frank Benson  and many others. The experience taught Jim how to construct a painting that will last for generations. Finding his true calling, Jim Roszel combined his passion for fly fishing and painting, resulting in the inspiration and creation of Fishing Artworks. Jim currently fishes the waters of Massachusetts with his family and friends.

To see Jim Roszel’s artwork live, visit his studio in Kingston, Massachusetts.

James Roszel Art