Tippets: Bryan Huskey Talks Keep ‘Em Wet, Streamer Presentation

December 14, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • From running after rooster fish on the beaches of Baja to fly fishing for catfish in Idaho, Bryan Huskey joins the Fishing Podcast for an episode to talk Keepemwet from a variety of angles and perspectives. Listen here.
  • A successful angler will try to imagine what the fly looks like underwater. “And a good streamer angler understands how the weight in the fly (or on the line) reacts to the surrounding currents and the tension on the tippet. These are all processed factors leading to a good guess of what an unseen streamer is doing underneath.” In this article by Domenick Swentosky, read about the “head flip” streamer presentation, via Troutbitten.