Tippets: Tying the Jigawockie, Choosing Tippet Size, Spring Flies for Montana

April 3, 2016 By: Erin Block

  • A new series from Loon Outdoors features videos of fly tying tutorials. In the most recent installment, learn to tie the Jigawockie, “A jig nymph with a hot spot and the perfect amount of flash.”
  • Most anglers know tippet size is important when fishing dry flies, but as Kent Klewein writes, it can be equally as important when fishing for nymphs, and is imperative for a good presentation. “There’s times on the water when the choice of tippet size can be just as critical from one type of fly pattern to the next, and that goes for a fly on or below the surface.”
  • With the change of seasons, an assessment of flies in your box is a good idea. Read about the top flies for early spring waters in Montana, from John Way of The Tackle Shop.