Tippets: End of Season Woes, Line Interference, Tips for Road Trips

  • While the end of summer nears, anglers shouldn’t lament the change of season. There are many reasons to embrace colder temperatures and less-crowded waters. Read more from Kirk Deeter at Fly Talk, Field & Stream.
  • Fly lines can get caught on plenty of things, whether wading or fishing from a boat. Justin Pickett helps identify ways to keep your line mostly in the water in a recent article on Gink & Gasoline. “Keeping things tidy around your casting area will mean fewer interrupted casts, fewer fish lost during the fight, and it will ultimately keep you fishing longer,” he writes.
  • Fitting fishing trips into long weeks and work schedules requires some “hard driving,” as Jason Tucker writes. Read some of his tips for staying awake and alert on the road, via Gink & Gasoline.
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