Tippets: Learning the Water Haul, Mathematical Minds, Building Big Dams

  • While most anglers are familiar with the double haul, a “water haul” might be a new technique to some. In a recent installment of the “Ask an Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor” series, Peter Kutzer demonstrates this technique, which uses water tension and the force of the current on your line to load the rod.
  • New research has shown that sharks exhibit use of mathematics for locating prey. Using “Lévy flight” movements, a mix of long trajectories and short random movements, they change their direction of travel after encountering patches of strong turbulence to optimize their chances of success. Via Discovery.
  • As California looks to new surface water storage options, the era of building big dams is over, writes Doug Obegi. Via Switchboard, Natural Resources Defence Council.
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