Tippets: Good Presentation, Groundwater Management, Clean Water Protections

August 11, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • From casting stroke to line speed, Peter Kutzer addresses how to make a delicate presentation of your fly to fish, via Orvis.
  • In anticipating a drier future, Andrew Revkin looks towards conservation and recycling of rain and wastewater as well as groundwater management. “Hoping for the best works fine if it’s combined with planning for the worst,” Revkin writes in The New York Times.
  • A new national poll confirms a majority of small business owners are in favor of increased protections under the Clean Water Act. “ Small business owners place a high value on clean water because they are concerned about potential damage to the economy from water pollution,” says Richard Eidlin, Director of Policy for the American Sustainable Business Council. “They also believe that government regulation is needed to safeguard clean water.”