Tippets: Striking Silver, Value of Wetlands, Crowded Out

July 7, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Tosh Brown details how to nail the hook set for tarpon: don’t trout set. Especially if you are new to saltwater fishing, read his sage advice for “striking silver.”
  • Whether it’s used for a shopping mall or bird nesting ground, wetlands have monetary value, and new research points to their clear worth as an intact ecosystem. “Wetlands do vital work,” writes Sandra Postel. “They recharge groundwater, keep rivers and lakes clean by filtering out pollutants, and provide habitat for birds and wildlife.”
  • Popular rivers become so for specific reasons: the fishery, the landscape, the locale. In a recent post on Gink & Gasoline, Louis Cahill writes about how to successfully fish crowded waters.