Tippets: Reading Stream Forms, Salmon Run Returns, Conservation’s Lineage

May 20, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • The pools behind river rocks are good holding places for trout. But don’t forget the calm water in front of the rock as well, advises Chad Shmukler in a recent article on Hatch Magazine. “These spaces are characterized by slow, soft water at the front of which is a conveyor belt of food. And these spaces are a favorite of trout. Once you look, these formerly counter-intuitive stream forms are painfully easy to see.”
  • From Washington to California, the salmon season is officially open and the returns forecast for 2014 are encouraging. Read the predictions for different watersheds via The Fishing Wire.
  • Mark Dillow of No Clear Line has some prudent words for all the anglers who “don’t have time” to care about conservation, “You trace your outdoor lineage to the market hunters who eradicated the passenger pigeons and nearly did the same with the buffalo.”