Tippets: Fly Fishing 101, Topwater for Bass, Stock Market Parallels, New Species in the Arctic

  • In Wyoming, students at Sheridan’s Holy Name School had the opportunity to take Fly Fishing 101 as a course elective this spring. Bob Krumm writes about the final exam in The Billings Gazette, “The students never stopped laughing and enjoying the day and reveled in the moment all the way back.”
  • Bass lurk around weed beds and grass, which can be tricky when placing a fly. But on Gink & Gasoline Kent Klewein helps you up your game with 5 tips for targeting bass on topwater.
  • Angler-turned-trader Stephen Morris has recently released a book, “Fly Fishing the Stock Market,” drawing parallels and lessons with his experience in both worlds. Now available from Wiley.
  • New species of fish have been discovered deep in Antarctic waters. Called the hopbeard plunderfish, findings about the species were published in a recent issue of the journal ZooKeys.
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