Tippets: Interview With The Fly Collective, S.C.O.F. Spring Issue, Outboard Care, Fish Head Features

  • Cameron Mortenson catches up with Ivan Orsic and Russell Schnitzer about their new collaborative film project, “The Fly Collective.” View their recently released film short, as well as read about their vision for future projects, via The Fiberglass Manifesto.
  • With work by Todd Grossman, Kent Klewein, and Paul Puckett, among many others, the Spring 2013 Issue of Southern Culture on the Fly is now available online.
  • If you operate an outboard motor on your fishing trips, freshwater flushing can makes sure it stays in good working order for years to come. Learn how via The Fishing Wire.
  • From long noses to strange humps, sharks to catfish, look and read in awe the top ten weirdest things found on a fish’s head, from The Fisheries Blog.
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