Tippets: Home Flies, Photo Caption Contest, Tarpon Study Report, PractiCaster Pranks

April 20, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • When it comes to fish and flies, writes Kirk Deeter, familiarity breeds contempt. Which just might explain why the unique creations of individual tiers often prove the most effective. Via Field & Stream.
  • For a chance to win a box of trout flies and the recently released book Streamers 365 by Darren Maceachern, enter Gink & Gasoline’s photo caption contest by April 21. Muskie fishing in boxers, who wouldn’t?
  • The annual report from the Tarpon Genetic Recapture Study has recently been published, and highlights from this successful seventh year can be read on Fly Fishing in Salt Waters.
  • Looking for a way to practice your casting accuracy at work? Pete Kutzer puts the Orvis PractiCaster to good use in the office.  Patient (and good-humored) coworkers required.