Tippets: Project Caddis Fly, Chumming in Michigan Rivers, On Good River Reports

March 11, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • If you have not been following Ulf Hagström’s caddis fly project, now is the time as he rounds the bend on his goal of twenty. With diversity of style and location, each post is worth a read, and each fly a tie. Via The Way of the Fly.
  • Brian Koziminski reports on an issue sure to divide anglers, a proposed ban on chumming in Michigan’s rivers. “I speak for the ecosystem and the environment I live and work in,” he writes, taking a stand on True North Trout.
  • With weather warming up and bloggers shaking off the winter blues, a plethora of blog posts are providing helpful fishing reports. A little too helpful, Mark McGlothlin writes on ChiWulff, as he offers helpful suggestions of how to do it the right way: “Think Like a Fly Fisher, Report Like a Copywriter (or Even a Politician).”