Tippets: Snorkeling Rivers, Tailwater Tactics, Energy Crops and Watersheds

  • Mia Flora Sheppard talks with snowboarder and angler Russ Ricketts about filming, being a dad, and his new passion for snorkeling rivers. “Swim with your eyes open and your ego in check,” he says.
  • In deep mid-winter when small streams and lakes are frozen over, tailwaters keep some waters open. Learn more about tactics for tailwater trout fishing from Jamie Rouse via this week’s Orvis podcast.
  • A move from the traditional corn/soybean rotation to more perennial energy crops such as switchgrass, miscanthus and mixed prairie grasses could help get “the best biofuels into the market,” states a new study published last week in the Journal of Environmental Quality, and will also help to reduce nitrate leaching into watersheds, writes Sasha Lyutse via Switchboard.

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